The FLow cover art


This playlist is a selections of tracks I made a long time ago but that I still like ;-)

Before I started writing I was a musician. I grew up with a piano and had messed about with it since I was tall enough to touch the keys, but I made a conscious decision to learn to play it when I was thirteen. I tried being in bands and was a singer for a while but I had terrible stage fright and always had the feeling that working with other people compromised the music we made insead of making it better. So i decided to learn to play all intruments and although I never became very good at any of them I was quite good at putting sounds together and recording. I managed to make a few records but I didn't sell enough to make a living.

In 2000 I was invited to work with a friend called Rob who had had some recent chart success and suddenly we were dealing with major record companies and felt pushed around to make music that we didn't like that much. The world of pop music lost its lustre andRob and I both agreed we needed an outlet to make music that made us feel good so we formed a partnership called The Flow and invited various people to come and guest, notable my sister, Jessica Constable, who sang on a lot of our tracks. Although we never had any success it was easily the most satisfying project I ever had and we learned the valuable art of using a partnership to make music better than either one of us could have made alone rather than compromise.

Rob went on to have many sucessful musical partnerships and still makes music. I descovered writing and when I moved to France in 2005 I sold all my studio equipment and instruments. I recently bought a piano and started playing again. It kind of reminds me of the joy of playing before I decided I wanted to do it professionally. I'm not planning any more recordings.