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Brains are wild and unruley places capable of happening upon great wonders while struggling to destinguish them from the rest of the mental flotsom washed up at the high-tide line.

I suppose firstly, I'm pretty certain that brains are not really linear things, so being a bit nonliear is nothing to shout about, but over the years I've noticed that I don't think about things in the right order or for the right reason and after a good proportion of my life time of torturing myself over this, I've slowly come to realise that it nonetheless something for each of us to celebrate. This is our superpower!

This is a page for odd bits of stuff I've written, and sometimes published, purporting to be true, but that are in fact and unequivacally works of fiction. Any connection to real facts is absolutely unintended. It's not meant to fool anybody. I can't even call it satire. It's just a category of stuff that my brain wants to make sometimes.


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LOVE AND INVENTION release on 13th October 2018

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