Much as I love writing novels, I've also spent a fair bit of time doing other stuff as well, such as coaching professional development and communication in companies, copywriting for advertising, translating films, books, poems, writing short stories and recording music. This page is a selection of some of the other things I've made.

Short Stories

Most of my short stories were written between 2002 and 2004, just before and during the time I went to university to study creative writing. But sometimes the mood still takes me or a story won't leave mye alone and I write another. It's a very special and favourite form.


It's fair to say that I have never been very serious about writing articles, as my temptation is always to make them in to stories or just to write made-up stuff (see Nonsense from a Non-Linear Brain, below), but on a few occasions I've been asked to write real articles and it's always been a great and inspiring challenge that I always seem to manage to sabotage slightly. That said, to my mind, article writing is perhaps the most disciplined of scibing activities.


I've have done occasional translation work of films, TV and poetry from French to English.

I also had the good fortune to work with Laurent Derobert who is a French philosopher and mathematician, consulting on how to present his work in English and translating some of it. It opened my eyes to a whole world of thinking that had seemed otherwise too complicated to even consider but many wine fueled hours of conversation with Laurent made me realise that both philosophy and maths are not so far from all our everyday lives and that we shared a fascination for similar narratives (albeit in very different styles).

Fragments of Existential Mathematics is a collection of formula and explanations based on the primary assumption that each of us has a maze made up from the vectors between our beings as they are objectively, as we perceive them to be and as we imagine them to be, plus, the vectors between the world as it is objectively, as we perceive it to be and as we would like it to be. According to the theory, the key to our happiness is to solve the maze reducing the distances between our dreams and reality.

A Map of Paris is a pocket guide to Paris and the theories of Existential Mathematics. It was designed to accompany the film Être rêvé by Tito Gonzales which takes a mathematical formula for each arrondissement of Paris, creating a philosophical narrative, a love story or just a guided tour or the city - which ever seems most appropriate.