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"Every story has a beginning and this is mine. With any luck this book will rot away without attracting interest. But I take the precaution of changing the names of those  concerned, not to protect the innocent, but to save my sorry ass should someone ever pay attention to these words."


This tiny film was shot in tunnels underneath Paris with a copact camera. It features the voice of Medb McGearty, images of Caroline Roquigny, Laurent Derobert and a random cat.

Kind Words about the Book

"Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa is a haunting, mysterious, and beautifully-executed novel." Emily St John Mandel, author of Station Eleven

"A clever confusion between reality and fiction." Elle 

"An unconventional story - dark but playful." Publishers Weekly

"A wonderful debut novel and a must-read." Suspense Magazine


Tomomi Ishikawa has left a suicide note for her friend Ben Constable. In the note are the first clues to a treasure hunt she has created for him and although this is no consolation, it does provide a little distraction. The trail leads Ben to lesser-known corners of Paris and later, New York. The prizes are unexpected gardens or covered streets, a place to sit, things to taste, and a series of notebooks describing murders Tomomi Ishikawa has committed. Ben can’t decide if the notebooks are true accounts or whether they are just stories she has made up. He’d like to think that it’s all just a game, but it isn’t clear whether he is being entertained or played with. Perhaps he’s one of the victims.


Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa is an adventure. It is about noticing small things. It’s about laughing at stuff we shouldn’t laugh at. It’s about friendship and it’s about the loss of friendship. It’s also about making up stories. And Murder.


USA and Canada - June 2013 Published by Gallery Books (an imprint of Simon and Schuster)

Germany - September 2013 Published by Script 5 (an imprint of Loewe Verlag)

Netherlands - November 2013 Published by Nieuw Amsterdam

Russia - April 2015 published by AS