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Benjamin Constable

is a British-born author. His books are about finding incredible things in everyday life, and the very human nature that forms a backdrop to the most surprising stories. He lives in Paris and his novel THREE LIVES OF TOMOMI ISHIKAWA is published by Gallery Books (an imprint of Simon and Schuster, USA).

Portait of Benjamin Constable June 2014

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This is a teaser for my book Falling. It was shot in London in December 2015 with a compact camera and a mobile phone. For more informion on the book click here.









Three Lives - Russian cover

SEPTEMBER 2015 - Rare Russian Translation Discovered in Siberian Cave

Check out this bad boy! Whilst vigorously avoiding working today I discovered this picture on the internet (the bit about the Siberian cave wasn't strictly true). It's the cover for the Russian translation of Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa and at only 287 rubles it's a bargain! It's published by AST in Moscow. Бенджамин Констэбл «Три жизни Томоми Ишикава»


If anybody can read in Russian and can find any reviews of this edition, feel free to let me know. ;-)


JULY 2015

This is teaser #2 for LOVE & INVENTION and the 4th of four teasers I set out to make a few months ago armed with only a compact camera, a computer and help from lots of people. For more info on the book, click here.


JULY 2015

This was the first teaser I started to make, perhaps getting my priorities in a muddle as the writing is still in the planning stage. But here is BIBLIOTHEQUE. Perhaps the person being teased is me.


MAY 2015

Teaser #1 for LOVE & INVENTION is now ready for your viewing pleasure! For more info on the book, click here.


APRIL 2015

Here is an early view of the teaser for THREE LIVES OF TOMOMI ISHIKAWA


This is the first of a series of four teasers created not only to accompany my books but because I wanted to have a project that combined images, words and music.

AST Logo

Contracts signed for Russian translation


Russia's biggest publishing house AST has signed the translations rights for Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa for publication in 2014

De Trie Levens van Tomomi Ishikawa

October 2013 - Dutch translation released

De drie levens van Tomomi Ishikawa
Published by Nieuw Amsterdam

Here are a couple of awesome reviews in Dutch.

Der Drie Leben der Tomomi Ishikawa

September 2013 - Und... Now on sale in German

Der Drei Leben Der Tomomi Ishikawa
Published by Script 5

In the lovelybooks.de Leserpreis 2013 (the biggest German language readers prize) 37,000 people voted for their favourite book from the 4000 nominations. Der Drei Leben Der Tomomi Ishikawa came 15th in the best novel category.

Thre Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa

June 2013 - On sale in USA and Canada

Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa
published by Gallery Books

"Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa is a haunting, mysterious, and beautifully-executed novel."
Emily St. John Mandel, author of Station Eleven

"A haunting book as much about the creative process as it is about the characters."
Kirkus Reviews

Go to goodreads.com for many more reviews


Leave a comment below, or email me directly at benjamin.constable@gmail.com. Getting feedback is a really important part of any writers work and I love it. Plus, I'm pretty good at getting back to people although it can take a while.